Trends 2020

Coronavirus has changed everything. The way we interact and work is completely different from February, which feels like an eternity ago. Things have changed, but on a positive note, some changes have been for the better. That’s the reason for this inspire article.

As you’ll no doubt be experiencing, homes are being converted into dual living and working spaces. But how do you strike the right balance in terms of interior design. Achieve the right mix of functional and living in the one environment. Let’s start with colour.

Colour Trends

So in terms of colour, what can we expect to see prevail as we progress through 2020? Well, we’re already seeing people assert themselves with bolder, darker statement colours replacing neutrals. Navy is the new grey and it’s already replacing all the popular neutrals like grey and beige. Hunter green is also having a calming effect on interiors, bringing tranquillity to spaces.

So it’s out with pale coloured schemes which are devoid of personality and excitement. We’re seeing grey on grey ditched. Perfect lines, the traditional and industrial, gone. Cool tones, mosaics and concrete floors flooring are also casualties.

In are bold monochromatic schemes which punch with confidence and excitement. Bold Classic Blue is the Pantone Colour of the Year and it sets the tone for other key colours to watch for.

Green features heavily on new design palettes with Biscay Green and Olive Green already gaining popularity. We’re seeing midnight blue and cobalt blue being used widely and there are smatterings of soft peach too to replace millennial pink, bringing a 70s vibe.

Basically, anything goes in 2020. Looking ahead though, individuality is going to be key over the next decade. It’ll be about authenticity and individuality. Highly crafted materials will feature.

Design Trends

Despite everything, sustainability is increasingly important. Suppliers are gravitating towards more eco-friendly products. It’s also something that visually is manifest in design schemes with warm earthy tones.

Materials we’re seeing in interiors that interpret this are rattan, acacia, bamboo, linen and stone. This is interesting as they work well and contrast with the on-trend colours.

Our Natural Earth Collection and Natural Wool Collection are both understandably in demand. They have environmentally friendly credentials as they do not contain any dye or chemical treatments. Plus like all Newhey carpets, they’re backed by Evobac – a sustainable high performance backing made from plastic bottles that so far has diverted over 9,000,000 bottles from ending up in the sea.

Interestingly, designer and co-founder of The Jungalow, Justina Blakeney, predicts old-world style edging back into interiors. We’re talking layering old and new such as antiqued landscape tapestries and contemporary products.

We’ve noticed that base materials and finishes are elemental, too. Plaster and lime are making a real resurgence and designers are continuing to strive for ways to re-connect with nature, incorporating naturalistic and botanical designs.

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