Newhey Express Collection – An Online Recolouring Tool

Speed. It’s something we all demand because time is often in short supply with interiors projects. Deadlines are tight and the pressure is on. The thing is though as a designer, the last thing you want to compromise is quality and your creativity.

Carpets are one of the last things to be installed, yet they provide that final finishing touch. They have to be right and they have to be on time or they jeopardise opening day.

Our Express Collection of wool-rich hospitality and leisure carpets is a total lifesaver. It’s an incredibly versatile service that gives you a wide range of design styles, contemporary to traditional, with low minimum quantities, rapid turnaround and highly competitive prices.

Unlimited design possibilities
What makes our Express Collection totally unique is our online tool that gives you the ability to completely recolour any design you wish from our incredible portfolio of archived patterns, in real-time, on our website.

Sign up and you can select from over 150 different Colortec and graphics tufted carpet designs and then let your imagination fly. Choose one of several colourways as a start point, then using a colour palette of 100 yarn colours, you can then recolour any aspect of the design using any colour you wish to create truly individual and distinctive designs of your own.

Virtual room scenes
Once you are happy with your design you can then preview what it might look like in a variety of interiors by selecting one of several lifestyle room scenes from a hotel lobby or bar to a corridor or guestrooms. Simply click on any room scene to see your unique design installed to scale and in perspective.

Digital and physical samples
Once you are happy with your design you can do one of three things. You can request an actual physical sample created by our Bespoke Sampling Service. Alternatively, you can request a Tryk digital sample and receive it by email in typically 1–2 hours. This is a product realistic sample replacement, without the environmental impact of a physical carpet sample. You can also immediately download a PDF sample sheet showing your design and the exact colours used to create your design.

Share your design
You also have the option to instantly share any of your carpet designs in situ in one of our room scenes via your social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Quantities and lead times
Our minimum manufacturing quantity for each Express Collection design you create is just 100 square meters. Lead times are surprisingly short too and are only 4 to 6 weeks from date of order.

All our carpets, whether Colortec or grahics tufted, are manufactured in the UK at our factory near Rochdale. We use high quality wool-rich British yarns, dyed and spun locally in the North of England. Also, every Newhey carpet has a highly sustainable and durable secondary backing material called Evobac made from recycled plastic bottles. This is applied using a revolutionary solvent-free hot-melt process.

Try Newhey Express now
Our Express Collection tool is refreshingly simple to use and gives you the creative freedom to achieve stunning designs in just minutes. Try it for yourself now. Simply go to, sign up for free and have fun effortlessly creating, previewing, downloading and requesting samples for your new carpet designs.