Revolutionary Backing – made from 100% recycled material

The environment has been top priority for Newhey for many years and in 2013 the company launched a revolutionary carpet secondary backing system, ‘evobac’, produced from post consumer recycled PET. Today the company is pleased to announce that all of its products are now manufactured with this sustainable backing system.

We abide by a strict environmental policy, backed up with a seamless supply chain to ensure the highest degree of sustainability. This has resulted in key benefits such as 100% recycled waste pile yarns and the complete elimination of processing waste going to landfill.

Considering all our products are now being manufactured and supplied with evobac, this significantly reduces our carbon footprint, marking a major milestone towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable process.

“The role of recycling is to preserve our environment and as a family owned and operated company we feel we can contribute to help us all live a more sustainable lifestyle. We think it’s a fantastic achievement and an exciting journey, one that our customers are joining us on.”
Howard Whitehead, Managing Director, Newhey Carpets

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Evobac presents a totally unique, low energy sustainable secondary backing solution and is suitable for a wide range of applications. This ground-breaking innovation has already been used by many well-known companies seeking the ultimate in sustainable, high performance carpets, including Costa Coffee, Park Inn Hotels, IHG and Marston’s.

A unique eco-friendly hot melt, energy efficient laminating process creates an inseparable bond between the primary cloth and secondary backing, ensuring the finished carpet product has at least three times the bonding strength of conventional latex backed product.


Compliant with all standard British and European regulations for flammability and performance, evobac also offers a comprehensive range of benefits for installers including ease of handling, which is guaranteed through decreased risk of scuffing skirtings and paintwork. Other key benefits are improved anti-fraying properties, reduced wear on blades when cutting and compatibility with all traditional installation methods.

Ongoing Efforts

We have also invested in high speed Colortec tufting machines which have achieved a huge reduction in overall power usage.

In a deliberate and focused journey towards more sustainable production, environmental efforts are ongoing as we operate in an ethical way to benefit society, the environment and the economy.