Grosvenor Casino

Newhey Carpets have worked with the Grosvenor Casino chain for more than 10 years.


Newhey Carpets have worked with the Grosvenor Casino chain for more than 10 years. Two of our most recent challenges were at the Gloucester Road and Russell Square Casinos in London.

Grosvenor Casino, who were founded in 1970 currently have 55 casinos located throughout the major cities of the UK.

Newhey were challenged to produce three carpet designs, two for the gaming areas of the Gloucester Road Casino and one for the restaurant of the Russell Square Casino.

“ We approached Newhey with a unique carpet challenge. We wanted a bold geometric pattern but on a tile format and from past experience we knew it wouldn’t be easy to pattern match the tiles. Howard and his design team suggested we deliberately put in a miss-match so that when the tiles were fitted together they would look as though they were meant to be that way. The end result was beautiful.”

Dean Kellogg
Fisch Design

Design Solution

Newhey were approached by Derbyshire based design firm, Fisch Design, to create a solution for the projects. The two designs created for the Gloucester Road gaming areas were based around using bold geometric shapes to create a stylish design that adds to the elegant interior of the casino. The designs were supplied as one metre x one metre carpet tiles to allow for underfloor access.

Due to tight deadlines at Russell Square, a design was selected from the Colortec Express4Week collection. Colortec Express is an online re-colouring tool which interior designers, contractors and end users can use from the comfort of their own desk. With a selection of over 70 designs and using an industry leading palette of 290 colours you can also view your selected re-coloured design in various room settings and receive a sample within 48 hours, all this with minimum quantities of 100 square metres and 4 week lead times. (For more info on this visit

All three of the carpets use Newhey’s innovative Colortec+ technology. This allows Newhey to create beautiful, bespoke designs that can be implemented onto a durable carpet solution, which is crucial to casinos with such a high footfall.

All carpets manufactured by Newhey feature evobac which is a revolutionary secondary backing made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, applied at their factory in the U.K.