Introducing the Express Collection Pom Box

Ask any interior designer what is the most precious thing you can have on a project and their answer, next to budget, will be time. Speed really is of the essence when you’ve a cast-iron deadline. So, what designers need, particularly when it comes to carpet, is an affordable solution that is high quality and has a rapid turnaround, but not of a standard off-the-shelf design.

This is precisely why interior designers need our Express Collection and the new ‘pom’ box.

100 stunning colours

Think of the pom box as an artist’s palette of 100 carefully selected shades. Designers have the freedom to select whichever colours they desire to re-colour one of over 150 designs from our extensive and varied archive that makes up the Express Collection.

We invested heavily in creating the pom box concept for the Express Collection because we didn’t want to limit the imagination of our designers. We work in a creative environment and completely understand how a constrictive colour palette can have a detrimental effect on the final carpet design.

The pom box is a highly tactile tool for the interior designer. It enables you to really get a feel for the superior quality of our Express Collection of 80% Wool / 20% Nylon yarn blends which reassuringly comply with all relevant performance and fire code standards.

Online Design Centre

We’ve made the whole experience of designing with the Express Collection so quick and simple. The entire archive of 150+ designs within the collection can be easily accessed using our dedicated Online Design Centre.

Here you can view each design in several predefined colourways. Alternatively, you can re-colour any of them to perfectly complement your interior scheme using any of the 100 colours in the Express Collection pom box which are digitally linked to the Online design Centre.

It doesn’t end there. In addition to selecting from over 150 patterns and changing their colours, you can also see your unique design in room settings and download images for presentations. You can even request bespoke samples which are available for despatch within 48 hours of request. We did say that the Express Collection service is fast.

Spun, dyed and made locally

We are a Great British carpet manufacturer and are proud to use local partners. In fact, all our yarn is spun and dyed within just 30 minutes from Newhey Carpets.

Depending on your design requirements, you can choose between two different types of construction. Colortec is a capable of more complex design styles and is perfect for guestrooms through to high traffic areas. For small-scale contemporary and textured patterns, our Graphic Tufted is the ideal choice. Whichever you choose, there is a minimum quantity of 100 square meters.

The Express Collection gives true design flexibility. It offers an incredible choice in terms of both design and colour, but with an incredibly short lead time of just 4–6 weeks.

Request an Express Collection Pom Box

For details about how to obtain one of our Express Collection pom boxes, simply get in touch with our customer services team on 01706 846 375 or click here to email them.